Maia Steinberg is a composer, singer, and sound/song healer, born in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Composition in her hometown, while studying lyric singing with private teachers, and participating in numerous concerts with distinguished musicians as well as opera productions. 

She later obtained a Master’s degree in Composition for Audiovisual Media (Master MAAAV) from the Université Lyon 2, France, while also studying singing at the Conservatory of Lyon and Centre de la Voix Rhône Alpes.


After completing her composition studies, Maia earned another Bachelor’s degree, this time with singing as main subject, from the Maastricht Conservatorium in the Netherlands. She is currently pursuing a second Master’s in Music, specializing in classical voice and sound healing at the Fontys School of Arts in Tilburg, where she is doing an extensive research on how to combine sound healing, folk music, and contemporary music creation in order to create social impact. Maia was also part of the OAcademy Gabriela Ortiz composing studio for the year 2023.


As a composer, she has created music for short films, video games, theater plays, and various interdisciplinary projects in Uruguay and Europe, earning awards for her compositions in Uruguay, France, and Chile. 

As a singer, Maia has participated in concerts, festivals, interdisciplinary performances and opera productions in Uruguay, Israel, and Europe, singing in prestigious venues such as Philarmonie de Paris, Auditorium de Lyon, Teatro Solis, and the Grand Théâtre de Genève.


Rooted in her Latin American origins, Maia has been the main vocalist of the folklore group “Los Franchaleros” and is the founder and singer of the project “Dos Esquinas,” a project focused on Tango and folklore music from Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico. She is also passionate about Yiddish and Hebrew music, which she performs in concerts.

Following a recent life turnover, Maia decided to dedicate herself to healing and connecting with others through her voice and music. She is being trained as a sound healer, composing medicine songs, and receiving lessons from the Globe Institute in California, Stacey Griffin from Shift Meditation, Veda Studies Institute in Brussels, as well as learning the Terapia del Canto Argentina method with Alberto Kuselman and Marisa Arrieta.


Combining her passion for singing and devotion to create a better world through music, she has created ProjectA, an artistic incubator that uses the power of songs to create social change. As part of it, Maia organizes various singing circles and ceremonies in the Netherlands, collaborating with dancers, yoga teachers, shamans, and other types of healers. 

Beyond her musicianship, Maia is also an illustrator and poet, recently publishing her first book “Versos desde el Alma



Photo credit: Christina Andrei (Moldavia, The Netherlands)