Created by Maia Steinberg, ProjectA is an artistic incubator focused on working and creating projects around the power of the voice. Through its different axes of action it aims to develop a conscious and engaged type of vocal art that allow us to better connect with our inner selves and the world that surround us, gathering people, creating positive impact and facing global challenges.

ProjectA strongly believes in the power that art has to change the world, and in the power of the messages we convey. That is why the project is mainly focused on vocal music and pays special attention to the texts and messages that are being transmitted, aiming to bring inspiration and inviting us to honor life, respect our mother earth and create positive impact in the world.

Here you can discover ProjectA´s main axes of action : song and sound gatherings/sing-along concerts, (new and traditional) medicine songs and sound healing music (recordings and concerts), new contemporary vocal pieces and interdisciplinary performances. 

Song and sound gatherings

In this modern times where people are in need for expression, we organise different gatherings where we connect with our inner selves and others trough sound. In these events we propose a mix of meditation, sound healing, voice liberation exercises and songs from all over the world, under a specific theme that serves as a guide throughout the journey. 

More than just singing, we use our voices to express and give freedom to stuck emotions, we embody and built new connections and we discover the power of our voice, creating a place where we allow ourselves to just be.

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A world of songs

ProjectA works with different kind of songs and music creations. 

We work with medicine, traditional, heart songs and mantras from different cultures and languages. These ones are used in the song gatherings but also in concerts. In these lines MAGU is actively composing new songs, sometimes mixed with poetry or sometimes using new technologies. Here you can hear some of them :

We also work with studio recorded music, always exploring the possibilities of the voice. In this series of recordings, MAGU has played with the sonorities of the seven chakras -energy centers of our body- with their respective sounds (Inspired by the vedic tradition, bija mantras)

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by these sounds that will recharge the energy of your chakras. You can visualize each one of their colors or repeat for yourself the corresponding mantra. Enjoy this sound healing journey, called “In the heart of the chakras” !

The 72 names of God come from the kabbalistic tradition and are very powerful mantras that can transform our reality. MAGU has also recorded this series of mantras for ProjectA, here are four examples :

interdisciplinary and new vocal music


ProjectA is committed to create new vocal repertory where the worlds of classical, traditional and medicine music can converge and inspire audiences in different settings. Composer Maia Steinberg has been creating new choral and solo vocal pieces with meaningful messages and innovative content, receiving international prizes for some of this creations. 

Interested in performing any of these works?  Don´t hesitate to contact us !

PER ASPER AD ASTRA – For orchestra and soprano. Premiered in Oklahoma, USA, Oklahoma composer´s orchestra. 2018

RUAJ – Microopera for soprano and chamber orchestra. Not premiered. 

DREAM – For mezzo soprano and piano. Premiered by the composer in different concerts. France, The Netherlands. 

CUATRO ACORDES TOLTECAS – For Mixed Choirand soloists. Premiered in LÁbbaye de Noirlac, France, with Inchorus. 2022. 

ARCANE XIV – For mixed choir and tibetan bowl. Finalist of the composing contest Festyvocal. Will be premiered in November 2023 in Firminy, France.

ODA A PACHAMAMA – For mezzo soprano and piano, (also orchestrated). Winner of the ¨Hablemos de compositoras¨ contest organized by Lirica disidente, Chile. Will be premiered in September 2023, in Chile. 

THE SONG OF THE EARTH / LE CHANT DE LA TERRE – For mixed choir. Not yet premiered.

voices of the earth

An interdisciplinary performance featuring three musicians and a dancer in a public space. It explores the way we humans relate to our planet Earth through different perspectives given by traditional and folk songs from different cultures around the world. 

Featuring : David Bello Arcos (Saxophone), Lucas Zampaglione (Guitar), Joana Carvalho (Dance), Maia Steinberg (Singing, Shruti Box)

Created and performed in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2023.


Mixing soundscapes, binaural beats, dance, medicine songs, and audiovisuals, this interdisciplinary performance takes the audience on a journey to the heart of the four elements, to better appreciate and connect with the nature that surround us. An innovative experience, PACHAMAMA aims to reconnect us with the beauty and value of nature as a whole, promoting sustainability through artistic creation and mixing sound healing and music creation. Bringing awareness, surprise and connection within audiences, PACHAMAMA creates a collective space to meditate and bring people together in the will to embrace our Mother Earth. 

Created and performed in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2022


 “Hineh matov umanaim, shevet ajim gam iajad” (“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live together in unity”)

Featuring four singers, two instrumentists and an actor, ¨Unis par la musique¨ is an interdisciplinary creation conceived to show that we share the same values as human beings no matter our beliefs.

Featuring : Caroline Alkinani, Margaux Frémy, Maia Steinberg, Leire Viscarret, Romain Benkandil, Marco Busetta, Nikos Siderakis, Aurelie Santamarina.

Created and performed in Lyon, France, in collaboration with “Coexister” association, in 2017



An innovative opera-ballet around the subject of dancing with disability, aiming to create a collaboration between abled and disabled dancers,  highlighting the beauty of our bodies as they are. 

Libretto : Alicia Dogliotti – Music : Maia Steinberg

The opera has been awarded a National Music Prize in Montevideo, Uruguay (2016) and the Prix des Trophées Jeunes Ambassadeurs (Rhône Alpes, 2018).